At HOMEFIELD, we focus on outdoor living and our six categories: Shade, Water, Fire, Land, Play and Shelter. We want you to know the latest in outdoor living experiences within our six categories and what we can do for your outdoor areas.

The Health Benefits of a Springfree Trampoline!

Efficient Exercise Did you know that a 10 minute jump on a Springfree Trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run? According to a study completed by NASA, this means jumping is 68% more efficient than running. Cardiovascular Fitness Jumping on a trampoline is a moderate-to-high level aerobic workout that aids in maintaining cardiovascular fitness….

The Whys to Buy of POLYWOOD Furniture

Green products are now a part of everyday living and we love how POLYWOOD has done that with a level of comfort, durability and style for any budget! POLYWOOD Furniture offers some of the most innovative and durable outdoor furniture around thanks to their use of and unique process that turns milk jugs and containers…

Getting Grilled On The History of Barbecue

When examining the history of Barbecue people quickly breakdown into the age-old argument of what exactly Barbecue is. If we credit the indigenous people of the Caribbean with the advent of Barbecue as a method of preserving meat then it only follows that modern-day Barbecue is an evolution of this process, changing over time into…

The Evolution of the Backyard

Once a space to contain the kids and the dogs, backyards have become one of the most important areas of the home.  As Central Texans take to the great outdoors for an extension of their indoor living areas, they need an expert for design and construction of these spaces.  We (HOMEFIELD – The Outdoor Living Store) have…