3 Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

3 Top Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

Tip 1: Choose Comfort and Quality

It seems like a given that you want to choose comfortable, top-quality patio furniture, but it’s easy to be tempted by the low prices of light-weight seasonal offerings at the big box stores. It’s important to keep in mind that seasonal patio furniture is often just made to last the season. By next year, you’ll be hunting for a replacement set because these cheap options are all worn out.

While cost and budget are important considerations, it’s imperative that you choose patio furniture that will give you long-term value. Top-quality furniture is built to withstand the harsh elements for years and their cost often reflects their quality.Crimson Casual Outdoor Furniture

And just because a chair is built to last, doesn’t mean that it will give you the comfort that you are looking for. When selecting the right patio furniture for you, look for pieces that you actually enjoy using. Like choosing furniture for inside your home, outdoor furniture needs to have a harmonious blend of durability and comfort.

At HOMEFIELD, we offer several types of outdoor furniture brands, all built to last, so that you can find a style that is most comfortable. Our Crimson Casual patio furniture brand offers both sling style furniture as well sturdy Sunbrella cushions, giving you a wide range of seating options.

Tip 2: Choose Dual-Purpose Pieces

When choosing patio furniture, consider the many ways your furniture will be used. Will you use the patio mostly for relaxing, or are you also planning on using it for dining as well? Look for pieces that offer more than one function, like an ottoman that can serve as a foot rest, as extra seating, or as a drink station with the help of a sturdy tray.

Tip 3: Choose Pieces That Fill Your Available Space

Nottingham Dining Patio FurnitureBefore shopping for patio furniture, measure your available space and keep those measurements handy while you shop. Just like you don’t want oversized furniture that crowds a small space, you also don’t want undersized pieces that get lost in the landscape.

For large outdoor spaces consider defining your different functional zones with all-weather outdoor rugs. Create separate eating and lounging areas that coordinate well together for an overall stylish outdoor area.

HOMEFIELD’s new Ratana outdoor furniture line is crafted from all-weather resin wicker. This furniture has a pronounced visual weight making it a great choice for larger landscapes. Their Nottingham design features luxurious sofas and club chairs with matching dining sets.

For more information about patio furniture offerings from HOMEFIELD, contact us today.

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