Few backyard elements can do more to enhance your outdoor living experience than a garden structure built by HOMEFIELD.

Whether it is an arbor that welcomes guests to your home, a gazebo that is strictly ornamental, a pergola that provides dining under a canopy of vines, or a pavilion that frames your outdoor room and calls your attention to the sights, sounds, and smells that could have previously been mistaken for vacant air - these structures are a source of some of the most acute outdoor living pleasures.

HOMEFIELD’s pre-engineered garden structures are built with exacting attention to detail, the finest quality materials, and old world craftsmanship. More than a simple collection of timbers - HOMEFIELD’s unparalleled designs and superior construction set the benchmark within the industry.



A pergola mostly consists of an open frame considering the windows, doors, and skylights are provided by nature. Not only do these structures provide architectural appeal, but they also provide protection from the hot afternoon sun without closing the direct connection to the open sky. A pergola is the best choice for creating a sense of enclosure without sacrificing the connection to the outdoors.

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A pavilion has a solid roof which provides full protection from the sun while the open walls allow breezes to flow unimpeded. Whether a simple pool side retreat or an outdoor room suitable for entertaining the extended family, no structure can do more than a HOMEFIELD pavilion.

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